The Bullet Proof Suit

bullet_proofJust finishing up my drink from tonight’s party and grabbed my jacket to walk out the door because it was raining tonight.  As I walked down the stairs to where I had parked my car, I noticed that there was a car running and I

noticed the exhaust coming up because of the cold, I continued to be aware and started to put the key into the lock on my car door when the car slowly started to head in my direction.  I reached into my jacket and grabbed my Glock 23 (I love this 40cal.) and got ready just in case.  Then the car just drove by and nothing happen.  But what I did not see was the motorcycle that came from out of nowhere and stared firing at me.  I rolled behind my car and started firing back as they went off in the distance rain.  I stood up and noticed I had a sharp pain on my left side.  Thinking I must have taken a round to my side, seeing the hole and knowing I was right.  But no penetration, that’s right because I was wearing my bullet resistant suit!  I love this suit.

Garrison Bespoke makes a Bulletproof Suit that is very affordable for those of you who works in the Spy world.  This suit is tailor made to fit your body in a color or style that fits your complexion, all while offering protection in dangerous locales.

Here is a quote from the maufacture:

 By using the same carbon nanotubes designed for the US troops uniforms in Iraq, making it thinner, more flexible, and notably lighter than your standard Kevlar cover. Bespoke bulletproof business helmet not included.


This suit is comfort and confidence are of utmost importance – Garrison Bespoke says.   Garrison has traveled the world to meet with the best experts in the industry in order to ensure that you, thier clients walk away feeling at ease, knowing they are—in fact—dressed for success and protected all in one.

This is a true custom bullet proof bespoke suit and will help protect you in the extremely diffeicult job you have.  That way you only have to worry about the job and not you body armor riding up on you..

I do highly suggest you head over to Garrison to see what all they have for your needs.  Take care and until next time.




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