Smoke alarm? Or is it?

56dc90_2d4fca9a3cfc4f2eb6d65757de6e491eSmoke alarm? Or is it?
When you think of a covert camera you really start to think of outrageous stuff.  Like what “Q” does on James Bond, really fancy items that conceal a camera.  But did you know that you can pick up a motion sensor color camera disguise as a smoke detector for under $20.00 dollars? Yes, this smoke detector looks almost like the real thing but it turns out to be a HD digital video surveillance which has external TF storage.   It concentrates digital video recording, self-video-shooting, voice recording, take photo, web camera.

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Affordable Surveillance Gear (Covert Webcam)

1Affordable Surveillance Gear (Covert Webcam)

Do you like the movies about James Bond? Or maybe “Enemy of the State?” Have you said to yourself, “man, I wish I can learn about cameras and concealment devices?”  Well it is time that you do! You can do some stuff at home really easy and it is very affordable too.  Just follow these next steps and you too can feel like a super spy!

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anna-chapmanOne way of sending secret messages is to hide confidential data in inconspicuous graphic files. This file is then sent to a contact over the internet. But with appropriate software and code word, the text can be taken out of a picture. One such system uses the well-known steganography technology that is also used for digitally watermarking pictures. Bitmap graphics consist of pixels that can be modified to store your text. If the altered picture – containing the text file – is then seen by someone else, it will simply look like a normal image. It works by removing or altering some of the bits that make up the pictures pixels and replacing them with the text. To the Human eye these changes cannot be seen as only insignificant information is removed and this is done across the whole spectrum of the digital image. One of the best shareware programmers for hiding text inside pictures is called StegenICE and can be found on the internet for a free download, if you look for it.

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Are you being followed?

woman-being-stalkedHave ever gone for a walk around town, in the mall or just out on a Friday night and the hair on the back of your neck stands up?  You feel the need to turn around because someone might be following you?  I know I have felt that feeling before, well good news, I am going to show you a few tips you can use to see if someone is following you.  These steps you will read about will help you locate and instruct you on what to do, and not even the person following you will even know you “found them out.”

Walking around town or the mall:

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See my new Computer Speakers

56dc90_6524db6e09614bf0a835e39405cb443bJust back from an overseas mission and walked around the house.  It is hard being a spy, because when you just get done with a mission all of your senses are heighten and every little thing around is a warning sign.  But the feeling I am getting is real and not just the adrenaline wearing off.  What is it? Something has been moved in my office, but I do not know.  I know one way I can check Continue reading