Escape with Smoke

yellowsmokeAs a Spy, Special Operations or any other covert Operative that you may be, always have one thing in common and that is an E&E kit (escape & evade Kit)  This E&E Kit helps, “you” get out of whatever situation that you maybe and as fast as you are prepared!  That’s the key word, “prepared” are you really ever prepared for every situation?  Probably not, but I was given something from a close friend of mine to not only try out but also adding it to my E&E kit.  A lot of us who have worked the kinds of jobs I have listed above cannot afford or can even get the kind of hardware we have used in the government, so we have to look for alternatives that work.  I was handed a type of smoke grenade that is legally to own!  Yep that is right a smoke grenade.  When my friend gave me a couple of them and told me to use them in any situation I could think of, so I did.

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Physical Countermeasures -Polygraph

bet_the_box****** Remember if you tell the Truth you will not need this. The best thing you can do is always tell the truth

Because a polygrapher must infer deception from a pattern of physiological responses, any physical activity that alters a physiological response is a potential countermeasure. The trick is to know when you should enhance your responses so that you appear to be nervous (during control questions), and when you should attenuate your responses that you appear to be calm and relaxed (during relevant questions).  The following list of physical countermeasures contains a variety of popular techniques.  Many have been used in university studies assessing polygraph validity.

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