Civilian GPS Car Tag

56dc90_2331847594254144a323905901f43d29There was the targets car, just pulling in at the local shopping center.  As we watched the “Important Target” get out of his car and start walking towards the entrance of the shopping center, this was our cue.   Team one was to follow him into the store and make sure he was busy, while I planted the GPS tracker.  I walked up to his car and placed the tracker without any interruptions and made my way back to my car.  “All clear” I said over the radio.  The other team broke off and headed out.  Now we waited for what was yet to come.  I sat there in my car knowing that I am here to stop terrorism in the US and I will do what it takes to defend the United States of America!
One of the perfect ways we can track and view a car tag in real time is from Spy Hawk® TURBO PRO Real Time GPS.  The nick name for this tag is “Slap & Track” and has a 120 DAY Extended GPS Battery.
This unit transmits its position every 10 Seconds or Every 20′ while in motion.  One of the best things you can do with this tag is:

• UNLIMITED LIVE Tracking Via The Internet – Actually See Vehicle Move Live on screen from anywhere
• 120 Hour Real Time GPS Battery – Continuously Tracks Every 10 Seconds or 20′ While in Motion for up to 100 + Days
•Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
•Motion Sensor
•Historical Playback: Up To 90 Days – See Everywhere Vehicle Has Been
•Waterproof Magnetic Mount Case (70 lb pull magnet)
The company says you do not need a contract, that it is a month to month payment plan and can stop anytime!
Once you tag your target and get set up on the internet, you will be able to track LIVE Real time tracking with 10 second updates!  Yep, 10 sec updates.  Now I know what you are thinking, but 10 sec updates is so great it is almost turn by turn and what better way to see things is with 10 secs.
Now, not only can you see updates on the internet, but you can get SMS text message alerts for certain things you need.  This whole process has no Software to install – User Controlled 100% Web Based Site Provided.  You get all of this stuff for under $40.00 dollars a month!!!  Seriously!!  Here are some more in creditable things the company says about it:
•90-Day Historical Playback
•Accessible From Any Web Enabled PC or Handheld Enabled Device
•Each Account Can Support from 1 up to 500 GPS Trackers
You can find all of this stuff and more at Spy associates stop by and see what they have for you today!

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