Yes! The Camera see’s all

spyspotWOW!  You really never know what is in store from your hidden camera?
This awesome see in the dark/day hidden camera is the best!  You need to check out this review!!
 Sometimes working in government Intelligent’s is very hard work!  You are always busy doing different things either in the US or out.  But one thing is for sure, when it comes down to building a CD (Concealment Device) for a hidden small camera takes time.  Time is one thing I do not have right now.  So, I went to the nearest spy shop to see what kind of tools they have.  I ended up going to three different ones because most CD’s look fake and I am a professional.  The last shop I SPyspot 3went to was called, “Spy Spot Investigations.”  I asked them for a hidden camera that would meet my needs.  They showed me the HD Night Vision Alarm Clock Video camera.  Hmmm, I was thinking to myself as I looked the clock over.  It seems to have everything, the camera is hidden good, ten night vision lights, the clock works and has different fictions that I can program with a remote.  Great and looks real!  I bought three of them to put into my house.  One thing is for sure, in government work you do not trust anyone and I was making sure my house was safe.
The next day after getting the micro SD cards for the clocks I placed them through out my home.  All entry points as well as my bedroom file cabinet.  Now, the camera can record up to 24 hours continues, but I have set them to record every time there is movement in the area.  This will save the battery as well as memory on the SD card.  This is what I want, considering that I will be gone for a few days and need the family safe.
After returning from my mission I was very curious to see how well this, “HD camera” worked.  I gathered all the SD cards out of the camera and put them in the computer and selected the first AVI.  Man oh man what did I catch!  Not only was the image clear from day and night video, but the things I catch my wife doing.  WOW! This hidden camera is worth it weight in gold!  I continued to scroll through the clips and did not see any danger, but some of the others things I caught is priceless.  Thanks Spy Spot Investigations for introducing me to this HD Clock camera!
spy-spot-night-vision-alarm-clock-micro-sd-card-insert-Let’s now take a step back! How many of you out there think that maybe your wife/husband is cheating on you?  Or maybe you are finding small bruise on your child and think the babysitting is doing something more than watching your wonderful child.  Well the time has come for you to take charge!

                             HERE IS YOUR CHANCE

I know that when you want to buy a hidden camera, you want to know if it will work FOR YOU!  Well I am here to tell you that the HD NIGHT VISION ALARM CLOCK VIDEO CAMERA is the one you need.  It looks real, cameras are impossible to find and it see in the dark.  Spy Spot Investigations has it for you and for a great price!

Check out what they say about it:


The HD Night Vision Clock Video Camera can record up to 24 hours of continuous video and audio. It supports up to a 32 GB memory chip and has a resolution of 1080P at 30 FPS. The camera also supports motion detection for up to 14 days and has night vision. The clock camera may also be plugged into a wall outlet in order to provide a longer solution for video recording when away on vacation or for long periods of time. The clock is a completely functioning clock, but has a hidden video camera that is difficult to see with the naked eye.


  • Pixels: 5 million CMOSs-l300
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Frames: 30fps
  • Angle: 90 degrees
  • Night vision: Ten super night vision lights
  • Motion detection distance: 6 meters
  • Battery Capacity: 2,400MA
  • Minimum Illumination: 1LUX
  • Remote Control Distance: 18m
  • Memory Card Capacity: 32GB
  • Charging Time: About 4 hours
As you can see, this is so awesome!  Works perfect in my house to the point that I know what is going on when I am not home!
I think you should check this out.  No! I know you should swing over to Spy Spot Investigations and find that right gadget you need to complete your mission.

  Spy Spot Investigations  is the place to be a SPY.  Stop by today you “James Bond”

Go now!!!  Until next time…………

                    Click for Spy Spot Investigations



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