Affordable Surveillance Gear (Mobile)

Mobil spy CamWebcams have many uses; you can see they are a very useful tool for spying and very affordable. From reading the article we had a while back named,Affordable Surveillance Gear (Covert Webcam).We learned how easy it was to set up a webcam, disguise it and see it live from anywhere and our smartphones. So now let us take it one step further and use the webcam in our car! Yes, our car! Remembering that we are on a budget, there are a few more items we still need to get if we would like to take this stuff on the road.



As you can see in the picture: We need a Laptop, webcam (of your choice), car AC inverter plug, Mifi and a good disguise that you think with go with the condition of the inside of your car.

The cool part of it is, use your imagination! Let us see some of my examples:

Mobile spy cam

Corner of the front window: I placed the webcam in the corner of the window and taped it in place. I then put a CD case around it to draw the attention away from the webcam so people cannot see it.

Mobile spy cam 2

In the next picture you can see the whole set up with the wire hanging down, just tape the wire to the side panel or remove the plastic side panels on the car and put the wire behind it. It’s really up to you where you want the wire to go: (easy to remove or permeate)  now plug the webcam into your laptop. Next we need to get the Mifi mobile hotspot and turn it on, (Mifi is 4G Mobile Hotspot that can be purchased at any cell phone provider. The price can very) once the Mifi is on, make sure that the laptop is connected by Wi-Fi and you can log on to the internet. (You can really use any Wi-Fi hotspot you would like just make sure you are connected to the internet) Then log on to Invideon (the program we loaded from the last article: covert webcam) and make sure you can see the picture from the webcam is live. I then place my Mifi into the glove box because it does not require it to be plugged in to the laptop or AC power inverter. You can cover your laptop with a towel or a blanket just to make sure it is not scene when you leave your car. One important note: charge your laptop at home or plug it into the AC inverter in the car because people tend to forget to do this and then you will not have the laptop to use. (Trust me it happens). The AC inverter is there to continue charging your laptop when you need to. But any good spy will preplan your recording times and always calculate the battery life beforehand.

Mobile spy

Moving on to the front grill (placed in the open so you can see it better only for the picture) for this one you need to either hot glue the webcam into place or make sure when you attach it is secure to something that will not heat the webcam up. Meaning: do not attach it to the radiator! Just look around you should be able to attach it to something there, it really all depends on the type of car you have. Then run the wire along the frame of the car as far away from the engine as you can and then though your firewall. Now look at the firewall on your car and you will see wire a lot of the wires from the engine run into the car under the dash. This is where you would like to place it. Saves time from drilling another hole and sealing it up. Then follow the steps above in hooking up the webcam.   Please remember to check the webcam is working and the position to the webcam before securing it in place. (it will save you time and a hassle) Also, you may need to solider more wire to the webcam as we have done before depending on how far you put the webcam away from your laptop.

Spy cam

This one is my favorite one: Placing the webcam in the back window can be a little tricky because you have to disguise it, but you cannot place things in and around the back window because in some states you can get a ticket. I used a window decal, in front of my camera, as you can see in the picture, my decal has an eye big enough to allow the webcam lens to fit right behind it and I can see out perfect!


Just always know that if you use your imagination anything is possible to do. Remember you will always get the best information here on The Spy Page! and until next time you Super Spies!



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