4/2 Gang Power Receptacle Spy Camera


Being a spy is hard sometimes, especially when it comes to our safe house.  Mine is in a warehouse loft, off a dock (somewhere) in order to get the perfect advantage point an escape routes.  Plus, my walls are brick and that is great for a couple of things.  One is great for gun fire and second, it makes it very hard to place cameras or listening devices in my walls. Unless you have access and enough time to place one somewhere on the inside like I did to help keep up with my security.  I needed something that would not stick out from the normal.  Something that no one would ever think about and I found just the right thing!

s you can see in the picture above, it is a 4/2 gang Power outlet!  Thanks right what a great looking covert camera huh!  This outlet makes stealth recording so easy and it has Digital Video Recorders.

The camera is activated by motion detection, so it will not be a constant power to the camera and can record 10 seconds-2 minutes video clips onto a SD card inside the unit.

Here are some of the specifications the SPY SHOPS says about the device:

The recorded video has a Time/Date stamp, displaying the time and date that the video was created. It comes with a  2GB SD card included with your purchase.

Then in 4 steps you can have it running

  • Step 1: Insert the SD card, then connect 110V AC power source to the unit, Turn on the switch
    Step 2: Aim the camera where you want to record.
    Step 3: Turn off the switch, take out the card, and view the video on your computer.
    Step 4: Repeat. Motion Detecting, Self-Recording, Work Of Art!


  Specifications: Model: ~ 4/2 Gang Power Receptacle/ Non-Functional / Original Condition Camera Lens:
~ Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Pinhole Lens Quality: ~ 420 TV Lines Minimum Lux (light): ~ 0.5 Resolution: ~ 640 x 480 DVD/MPEG2 Quality Frame rate: ~ 12FPS Recording Mode: ~ Motion Detection Storage Mode: ~ SD and HCSD Cards Sizes Supported: ~ 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB Recording Length: ~ 10 seconds 2 minutes per clip or per motion Recording Cycle: ~ Auto-Recycle (deletes oldest clip) Recording Capacity: ~ Recording with motion detect on, In most environments the DVR will record between 2-4 days per Giga-byte (GB). If the DVR is set to record continuously, The DVR will record 3.5 hours per GB.

I think this product is awesome and do recommend you swing by their website and check out all the cool stuff they have laying around.  Tell them where you saw this!  Until next time





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