Can you hide from Surveillance Cameras? Today you can


I have to go make a drop and the biggest part of dropping something off is being caught.  I can not have that happen to me! a Spy!  So, I place on my

special ball cap and out the door I go.  I follow my normal walk route to check the bench where I left a mark earlier in the day letting my contact know I was ready for the drop.  As I walked by the bench and noticed the red chalk mark on the bench letting me know that contact was made and the drop is a go.  Great! I headed over to the drop site and casually dropped the container with the information in it and walked away.  I know there are cameras al over the place but as long as I have my Justice Cap on, I am safe!  Protection Safe! Drop safe and another day completed.  Thanks to the Justice Cap!


The Justice Cap is a baseball hat with a set of LEDs on it that boast anti-camera technology that will white out your face when viewed through a surveillance camera. That’s right! blinds the camera so no one can see anything!
Made for your Liberty loving individual, the justice cap is best used against low-light or night vision cameras, so not quite yet Minority Report technology protection yet, but great for someone who’s making night or day drops as a spy.

Oddity Mall sells this product for a great price!  They quote:

The Justice Cap comes with 9 LEDs across the brim of the hat, contains a battery pack hidden in the sweatband, and the LEDs only emit a small dull red light, they don’t actually light up the area in front of you.

I think you should swing over and check out some of the great product!  Until next time







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