Safeguard your Spy home – Cheap

burglarySafeguard your home for cheap

“The Panic Room”


Here is what it means to build a panic room on a budget!  This will allow the average person the opportunity to protect his or hers most important assists, “their family” so let’s get started.

Worst case scenario is that the suspect (ie, criminal, burglar, gang member and etc.) finds a way inside and try’s to find you. But you have already called 911 and the Police are on the way. Statistics show that people who have been murdered in their own home after calling 911, find that if they only had just a few more minutes for the Police to arrive they would have survived. So looking at the odds in your favor by, first securing your home and second by making a small panic room somewhere in your house. If I could do this yourself and cheap would it help! Yes, and as I have always said: I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

First thing you want to look at is where would you put a panic room? I think the best place is in the home would be the back part of the house (the last room). Where? My house would be the master bathroom, because not only would this person try to locate my bedroom, get through the bedroom door and then find a way to get passed my homemade panic room. This requires time and that time turns into minute for the Police to arrive!

Win/Win.   030151036085

Securing the bathroom:
The door, everything starts with the door.
In the picture you will see this door has a
steel core which will make it very hard to
By-pass, once shut and locked

It is ReliaBilt 36-in x 80-in 6-Panel Prehung
Durable steel entry door construction with a
6-panel profile for under $130.00 dollars.
But make sure the door swings inward rather
than Outward (and don’t forget using security hinges).
Why, because we do not want to expose the hinges.



But more important than the door itself, is what is holding the door to the wall? People think all they need is a strong door, but if the wall around it does not hold it, then what? Fortify your frame, properly-installed locks, a burglar may be able to gain entry by breaking or prying the door frame. Most door frame moldings are simply tacked to the wall, and so a crowbar or a solid kick can easily separate the frame from the wall. Secure your door frames to the walls by installing several 3-inch (or longer) screws along the frame and doorstop. The screws should reach the wall stud. Or double the studs inside the wall when you replace the doorframe, or metal frames Also, I have seen people use chicken wire inside the wall to help the wall from being penetrated. (You decide) See examples below:

vHtst   comparrison3



Once the door is in place, we have to lock it and it is best to have a deadbolt, but it cannot be seen from the outside! Why, because we do not want to let the person know what he is up against! Very important. So some locks that would be good are pictured below:


Even for safety have one of the locks go down into the floor. More than one would be appropriate in this fall back security room.



If your bathroom has a window, then follow the first article. One thing is for sure you want to make going in a window as hard as possible. But you can add to your windows so Security film:

window%20film  SledgeHammerGlass

Security film does not cost very much and has several advantages. They not only help with someone trying to break through the glass but also help with energy in your home.

The last and MOST important thing you need for your small budget panic room is a cabinet! Yes a cabinet (see picture below)

small-bathroom-storage-cabinets  thCACMN0LH  thCAYJ5YKW

Cabinets are important because you want to make sure you have ample food and water in the panic room. You should allow a gallon of water per person. Food should be canned as this will last longer, but make sure you have can openers and utensils for everyone. One can of soda helps calm the nerves when in a stress situation and a burner phone (prepaid cellphone) because you might not grab yours on the way in and you will need to be talking with 911. List for cabinet:

  1. Prepaid cellphone
  2. Canned fruit
  3. Water bottles
  4. Can of soda (each person)
  5. Granola bars
  6. Whatever you need for medicine. (Inhaler, Aspin and etc.)


I am glad you want to take this step to protect yourself and your family. We can talk in a later article about making the wall secure. Good luck in your new adventures!


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