The essentials of Spycraft!

anna-chapmanLet me ask you a question! Who looked at the picture to open the link? Who read the topic and then the picture to open the link? If you were a real spy I got you!!  Read at the end of the article to find out why.

Ok all you super spies out there; I have for you right now the top 5 most common spy tools:





Number 1- GPS Vehicle Tracking

For the common spy you are going to need that, “slap and go” GPS REAL time tracker because if something happens and you need to track a vehicle to get that location fast. Plus something that can also transmit to your smartphone, I found a GPS real time car tracking device for under a $100.00 dollars. It is called the

GPS Tracker V7 Mini GSM GPRS Real-time Tracking Device System


Features: Powered by the GSM/GPRS communication management technology, RF-V7 Real-time tracker & vehicle alarm comes as the most efficient anti-theft device for vehicle ever Lightweight, easy to carry around Double power supply, never power off RF-V7 comes with a DC 12/24V to 5V power supply Standby time: 200-400 hours Specifications: 1. The first one,real four frequency GSM/A-GPS universal tracking device 2. A-GPS/GPRS track,location SMS including longitude, latitude and address information.also have maps site URL 3. Language: English / Chinese 4. Double power supply system, which can external DC12-24V , never power off (Suitable for vehicle and valuables anti-theft tracking) 5. Remote contral, easy to opration 6. Vibration sensor alarm 7. Voice sensor alarm 8. Many Alarm mode can be choose 9. SOS function 10. Headphone talk 11. GSM bug function 12. Remote network signal/battery/alarm status check 13. Low battery remind 14. Can set alarm interval 15. SIM Card frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ 16. Size:55*35*13.5mm; weight: 34g


Number 2- Lock picking tools

Every good spy needs to get into something (home, cabinet, car and etc.) so we need to be prepared, having the right tool for the right occasion. I have listed and shown in a picture for you several lock picks that range from $30.00 dollars to $250.00 dollars, see the picture of lock picks:

lock picks

Pick set

Shim pick for combination locks

Tumbler pick for safe and coke machine locks

Giggler set for cars

Computer lock

Number 3- The Firearm

Yes, we must have a tool to protect us from danger and that danger might have to take the use of force to the extreme and would need you to carry the firearm. You can set your own price for this; handguns can run from $300.00 to 1,000.00 dollars just depending on what you would want to carry.  But note this: Having a good cover ID and being a fast talker will work better than a handgun anytime.


Number 4- Communications

What kind of communications do you think you will need? A radio? Or Cell phone? You would look pretty funny walking down the street with a Hand Held Radio, but people would not think twice with a cell phone.  I found one phone called the:

Sectera Edge Secure Smartphonephone


Secure communications are key for any spy and if the Sectera Edge is good enough for the President, it’s good enough for you. Having a Type 1 encryption provided by a hardware module will help prevent everyone from getting up in your stuff and it’s GSM, so you can use it anywhere in the world. $300


Number 5- Escape and Evasion Tools


The last is one I feel the most important of them all and that is your tools to leave fast. But how?  Well, were ever you are in the world, you need an exit strategy, for example (another country, Airplane, and etc.) you understand what I am trying to say?  So what would be tools you would need to get there? A car? Boat passes? Passport? Money? Small bag of clothes? Burner phone? Another ID? The answer is yes all of the items I have listed are what you need.  Money and a passport are the most important items.  Some of the items you can purchase over the internet and are good for several months, but stop think about that? Hmmm I have already got you! Why do you ask, because now I have a trail from a credit card instead of cash.  Remember that cash is your friend and you need to buy all your evasion equipment with cash (no paper trail). Burner phones with minutes already on them can be purchases with cash and last for over a year, (just remember to keep it charged).  A false ID is also very important; remember that your cover story to go with your ID must be close to the true, but far from who you are.  Because if you say you build houses then know something about it because someone may know about houses and start talking the, “lingo” with you and then your cover is blown.  Always play it safe and untraceable.



Ok now for all of you guys that looked at the picture to open the link. In the spy business it is call the, “honey trap”.  Meaning I got you to do something I wanted you to do by using a pretty girl.  Be careful and read the article.  Until next time.


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