Thermal IPHONE

Theriamal _IPHONEWhile big-boy thermal imaging cameras can cost thousands, FLIR an Oregon base company has shrewdly concluded that maybe not everybody has deep pockets and maybe having a pocket table thermal imaging camera with you at all times would be kind of cool.

So they created an IPHONE case that has a thermal camera in it and an app you can download that goes with it. The camera uses what’s called ‘multi-spectral dynamic imaging’ to create high-quality thermal pictures in real-time.

These images can be seen on the iPhone’s screen and the app can also give temperature readings of the objects in the pictures.  It can even detect minimal changes in temperature of just 0.1°C to show which areas of an object are hotter, or cooler, than others.

As well as showing heat spots, the camera can be used at night to see in total darkness and see through smoke and mist.

It will additionally find invisible heat sources and cool spots that are naked to the human eye. Elsewhere, wildlife enthusiasts can use the camera to track animals in daylight, and at night.  It could be used to identify heat loss around windows and doors and spot overloaded electrical connections and circuits.  What you see on the screen can be captured as photos and video just like you’re using the iPhone’s built-in camera app.

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The case itself doesn’t add too, too much bulk considering the functionality it adds, and it doubles as a backup battery if your iPhone battery runs low. Yes, that is right!! The case is fitted with its own battery and will last for up to two hours continuous use on a single charge. The battery pack will power the thermal camera, or you can re-route the power to your iPhone instead.

There two types of people who I think might be interested in a $350 case! That’s right $350 dollars that turns the iPhone camera into a thermal imaging camera: ghost hunters and Tactical People.

This camera will go on sale in the Spring.


The first model was created for iPhone 5 and 5S models but an Android version is expected later this year.

Follow the link below:

Guys and Gals enjoy and until next time


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