Smoke alarm? Or is it?

56dc90_2d4fca9a3cfc4f2eb6d65757de6e491eSmoke alarm? Or is it?
When you think of a covert camera you really start to think of outrageous stuff.  Like what “Q” does on James Bond, really fancy items that conceal a camera.  But did you know that you can pick up a motion sensor color camera disguise as a smoke detector for under $20.00 dollars? Yes, this smoke detector looks almost like the real thing but it turns out to be a HD digital video surveillance which has external TF storage.   It concentrates digital video recording, self-video-shooting, voice recording, take photo, web camera.

It Support Motion Detection function, net webcam function, playback video on your PC.  It also has a built-in high capacity battery which can record 8 hours video and 25 hours voice continuously. Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver is needed and it can hold up to a 32GB Micro SD card.  Take a look at the Specifications.Specifications:
1. Pixels: 2.0 M pix CMOS
2. Video Form: AVI
3. Video Code: M-JPEG
4. Resolution: 1280 x 960
5. Sensing Distance: 6m
6. View: 72°
7. Voice Record Area: 40m2
8. Player Software: Media Player / KM Player
9. Picture Format: JPG 2560*1920
10. Frame Rate: 30 FPS
11. Support System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32/win 7
12. Remote Distance: 15m
13. Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
14. Memory Format: Micro SD or TF card
15. Charging Time: 4 Hours
15. Diameter: 116 mm

I thought that since it was so cheap that the quality of the video and the audio would not be so good.  So, I attached it to my ceiling above my front door and turned on the motion sensor, left it there all day just to see how it would be.  After 12 hours of being there, I took the camera aka
smoke alarm down and removed the Micro SD card and put it into my computer.  It impressed me, I could not believe it.  I could hear the audio really well from at least 25 feet away and the video was great also.  Each time someone moved in front of the sensor it would run for at least a minute after there was no movement.  The only down fall for this smoke detector is that it is not a live feed, you have to shut it off and playback on your computer.  There are other smoke detectors that are top of the line with live video feed though an IP address, but if you are on a budget then this one is for you. I think this should be on your list of things to get.
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