Affordable Surveillance Gear (Covert Webcam)

1Affordable Surveillance Gear (Covert Webcam)

Do you like the movies about James Bond? Or maybe “Enemy of the State?” Have you said to yourself, “man, I wish I can learn about cameras and concealment devices?”  Well it is time that you do! You can do some stuff at home really easy and it is very affordable too.  Just follow these next steps and you too can feel like a super spy!

The first thing you want to do is try to find a webcam, most places sell webcams pretty cheap anywhere between $20.00 to $100.00, depends on which one you like. I like to have ones with microphones in them so I can get audio as well as video. Once you find the right webcam, go home and plug it into your computer and load the device. Now most of the webcams load automatically, but if the disk is there, load it. Now once your webcam is loaded to your computer, make sure you can see yourself and everything is working normal, really this is the first step.

Now that your webcam is working put it anywhere it can go (as far as the cord will let it) and face it in the direction you like. You can disguise it with anything you want as long as you make a hole for viewing. This is what I did, I concealed it on my desk and if you follow the pictures you can see the equipment that I used and where I placed the webcam:145

Now once you disguise it, go back to your computer and search for a program on the internet called; “Ivideon.” Located at: http;// Ivideon is a cloud-based video surveillance service (free or pay). Ivideon allows you to access your cameras and archive records wherever you are via a computer. What is really good about this program is that you can also load this to your smartphone, IPAD or Tablet and view live feeds from your webcam. Plus, you can load as many webcams you like and view them throughout your house. As you can see I have one in my bedroom and the other one I placed in the living room, but I disguise it.

1147  2146 31 42

I took an old motion sensor apart, made a small hole in the case for the lens and secured the webcam inside it. Wire was already in the wall from the motion sensor to the alarm, all I did was cut the USB from the end of the webcam and solder the wires together and put it back together and attached the case back to the wall. I then went to where the wire connected to the alarm and soldered more wire to it in order to reach where my computer was located and once again soldered the USB to the end of that wire and connected it to the computer. (Note: you really do not need to do all this if you want to hook up a transmitter and battery to the webcam. But I will discuss this in a later article) Once it was together I tested that webcam and made sure I could see a live feed. Works! Yes, now you have two webcams in place with live feeds, what are we to do now? I went to my smartphone and looked in the app store, downloaded the, “Ivideon” there and logged on. Once in my account I could see and hear both webcam’s live from my phone. You can now go anywhere and bring it up on your phone, friend’s computer or IPAD. Great for watching a babysitter, away from your house on a trip, or your partying teenagers. Plus what a feeling you get when you leave your home, “Safe.”. Until next time

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