anna-chapmanOne way of sending secret messages is to hide confidential data in inconspicuous graphic files. This file is then sent to a contact over the internet. But with appropriate software and code word, the text can be taken out of a picture. One such system uses the well-known steganography technology that is also used for digitally watermarking pictures. Bitmap graphics consist of pixels that can be modified to store your text. If the altered picture – containing the text file – is then seen by someone else, it will simply look like a normal image. It works by removing or altering some of the bits that make up the pictures pixels and replacing them with the text. To the Human eye these changes cannot be seen as only insignificant information is removed and this is done across the whole spectrum of the digital image. One of the best shareware programmers for hiding text inside pictures is called StegenICE and can be found on the internet for a free download, if you look for it.

Another program you can use is:   HIP (Hide in Picture) is free software, but what is different about this one it is password protection so that you can store & secure your sensitive files securely. You can use GIF and BMP images to store your text files as well as pictures. It provides two different encryption algorithms to encrypt and hide file into an image. HIP is simple and effective software to use. You can find it by clicking on the link below:


1HIP is a portable software that you can load and transfer from a flashdrive anywhere. Once you load it to your computer, open it up with its main window as visible in below screenshot. Look for the folder icon which is used to add desired gif or bmp image in which you want to hide your file or if you want to, click the File option for adding your own picture.



Once you add your own image it will open up in another window just like the below screenshot. Then click on Image option located above the picture and then click on the Hide file option to add desired text file or image that you want to hide (see below).


Next, a widow will pop up to allow you the option to add a password and also to name your file and encryption method. But wait, you are not done yet; after adding the text file and/or picture to the new picture you now need to save your new image containing your hidden file. Click on the image option or right-click on your image and click Save Picture or Save picture as option to save your new image to a location in form of bmp image.


Now whenever you want to get back your file from that image, go to the HIP program and click on the retrieve file option. You will find it in “Image option.” Once there a window will pop up and you will have to enter your password and then you can retrieve your “Top Secret file.”

Here are some Key Features of HIP:




I hope you are enjoying the spy series, PLEASE LET KNOW IN THE COMMENT SECTION if you would like to learn about a subject.

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