Are you being followed?

woman-being-stalkedHave ever gone for a walk around town, in the mall or just out on a Friday night and the hair on the back of your neck stands up?  You feel the need to turn around because someone might be following you?  I know I have felt that feeling before, well good news, I am going to show you a few tips you can use to see if someone is following you.  These steps you will read about will help you locate and instruct you on what to do, and not even the person following you will even know you “found them out.”

Walking around town or the mall:

As you are walking and you get that funny feeling someone is following you. Do you stop? Do you turn around and look? No, because then if no one is there people might think you are paranoid especially if you are walking with friends and you keep turning around.  So what do you do?  Step 1: do not panic, just walk to a store that has a front glass window with items to buy on the other side of the glass and act as if you are looking at the items.  But in reality you are using the glass as a reflection to see what is behind you.


This method can be used anywhere (parked or stopped cars, bus stop advertisements signs) really anything that you can find a reflection on it.  Just look and see what is behind you and notice all the people, because if you notice the same person or persons behind you then guess what? someone is following you.

What if it is dark outside? That is when step two comes into play.

Step two can be done during the day or night, just walk into a store, could be a restaurant, Circle K, 7-11, grocery store anything that has a front window that is by the door.  Because when you walk in turn and look at the stuff by the front door, but what you are really doing is looking out the window to see who and what is behind you. This will help you a lot because if you do this two or three times and see the same person, guess what? your being followed.


These are just a few tips I personally think you should get in the habit to do every chance you get. Because you need to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS
We’ll all develop instincts or intuition for danger as we gain more experience of life. But it’s easy, particularly under influence of alcohol or peer pressure to ignore what they’re telling you. Trust them and you’ll invariably stay one step ahead of the criminal.  I will continue this series if I can get some feed back of people wanting more, but I feel every now and then we need safety tips.  Until next time.



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