Panic room or Spy hideout?

Spy hideout

Below, you will find some of the coolest Panic rooms / Spy hideouts I could find.  Check them out and let me know what you think.  But first, what is the concept of the Safe Room?  Is it a response to the increased risk of kidnaping and terrorist attacks?  Are you a high-profile person? wealthy?  Typically the intent of the Spy hideout or Panic Room is to provide short-term protection for you until help arrives or the attackers leave the scene. But sometimes in extreme situations, the room may be required for an extended period.

Look at this picture!  What do you think when you see this?  I have found that again if you use your imagination anything is possible. In this picture you can see a great place to hide the entrance to your very own spy hideout!  Or panic room depending on who you are inside!  In the picture you can see a small hole with stairs leading down to your room, but notice the lock?
They have a Velcro attached to it to hold it shut.  WHAT WOULD YOU USE?  I know I would maybe use a quick release to open it and have a secondary lock on the inside to insure the door will not move when people are searching for it.  I would love to hear what you have to say.  Please comment below and let everyone know what you would use.


Secret Passage   Spy room 2  Spy room 3

What about this one above?  Look at the next set of pictures and see what you can come up with.  I believe everyone should have one in there home.

What should a well-designed Spy Hideout or Panic Rooms should have in them?

  • Cameras & Monitors: Bolide concealed cameras located outside the room enable the Spy hideout occupant to secretly monitor the movement and numbers of attackers on a monitor screen. It is common to locate one visible camera outside the room. An attacker disabling the exposed camera may not think to look for other hidden cameras, giving the Safe Room occupant an advantage in that situation.
  • Gas Masks: Gas Masks are necessary in the event that the attackers force poisonous gas into the Safe Room. Where an odorless gas might be used, an electronic device may be used to detect any noxious materials.
  • Bottled Water & Non-Perishable Foods: There should be a small provision of bottled water and non-perishable foods (such as dried trail mix or similar nourishment) 72 hour kits are great for this kind of environment.
  • Ventilation: Consider a protected means of ventilating the Spy hideout with fresh air.

Radio Communication: You would like to be prepared for anything, including that the attackers will disable phone lines to your room in the event the have found you.  Steel line rooms and doors may interfere with cell phone transmissions, you need to think about a  small radio transmitter is hard-wired directly to a concealed antenna outside the steel-lined enclosure. The radio can be pre-programed to signal the police or a security service in an emergency.

All of these ideas need to be on top when planning to build a hideout.  Think about the idea, draw something up and act on it.  Until next time!



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