See my new Computer Speakers

56dc90_6524db6e09614bf0a835e39405cb443bJust back from an overseas mission and walked around the house.  It is hard being a spy, because when you just get done with a mission all of your senses are heighten and every little thing around is a warning sign.  But the feeling I am getting is real and not just the adrenaline wearing off.  What is it? Something has been moved in my office, but I do not know.  I know one way I can check things out.  I looked over at my desk where my computer is located and reach for the computer speakers on each side of the computer monitor.  Why my speakers you ask?  Well, because you need something to protect your home while you are away.  Something that does not draw attention, and something that every house in America has.  So why not have computer speakers that work, but have individual cameras in each speaker!  That’s right mini cameras in the speakers and that will tell me if there was someone in my room!  Gotcha!

As you can see in the picture, these computer speaker camera looks like the real thing.   They are fully functioning speakers, just plug them in and you have video. The high quality CCD camera built inside the speaker is virtually hidden. We integrate a 2.4 GHz 4 channel transmitters to create a wireless system for ease of placement and include a matching 8 channel scroll selectable receiver. Why 8 channels? This allows the user versatility in a wireless application. Each Computer speaker Camera has a choice of black/ white or color camera. Set of two one with camera and one without…. If wireless is not the solution you are looking for we also stock wired versions of the same high quality item.

  • Camera Specifications:
  • 92 degree field of view
  • 3.6mm Lens
  • 1/3 DSP Color CCD image Sensor ¼ DSP B/W
  • 380 lines of resolutions color, 420 lines B/W
  • 0.5 LUX color .05 B/W
  • DC 12V power
  • NTSC
  • Audio is not available
  • Transmitter / Receiver Specifications:
  • 4-channel operations (camera)
  • 8 channel scroll capable (receiver)
  • 300 – 700 foot line of sight (LOS) approximate range
  • Item #’s
  • B/W Hardwired # C2600B
  • B/W Wireless # C2600B24
  • Color Hardwired # CC2600C
  • Color Wireless # C2600C24
  • (LOS is dependent upon, obstructions and interference from other wireless devices)
  • Hidden Video camera systems
  • Power supply
  • RCA Cable
  • < >
    7 3/8″ x 4″ x 3″
You can find this cool product anywhere over the internet.  I do recommend it because no one will ever know!  Until next time

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