spyOkay all you Jason Bourne’s / James Bond’s types!  This is a awesome tool to have in your Spy kit! Can you catch someone cheating?

One day, while I was out on a mission I had this funny feeling that I could not get ride of.  I could not stop thinking that with me gone all the time, if my wife was cheating on me?  I know that I could trust her, but you know how it gets lonely at times being a spy and gone all the time to protect this great nation!  Plus just to set my mind at ease, as they say “a distracted spy in the field is a dead spy.”Spy Invest

I got back from my mission early and instead of going home I waited a few days and deiced to tail my wife.  I knew her route better than I think she did at times.  I watched her for a few days and did not see anything out of the ordinary.  So, with that in mind I went ahead and headed home.  But that was not all I was going to do!  See, as a spy, you have Spy-Spot-Android-Recovery-Stick-USBequipment that you have to use with the government and then return it.  Where do you turn when you need that same equipment for your personal use?  Well, I found a company that uses great equipment ad stuff that works, Spy-Spot Investigations.  See they have it all and I was looking for this one piece that would place my mind at ease.  It was called the Android Phone Recovery stick.  Why?  Because the wife had a Android phone and this little baby would get me all the phone information that I need in one place!  I picked one up and loaded the program on my computer.

The next day as soon as the wife got into the shower, I grabbed hSpy-Spot-Android-Recovery-Stick-plugged-into-computerer phone and plugged it into my computer and started the Android Recovery program.  BAM! The program immediately began working.  Skimming through the phone, the program took about 10 minutes to get through the entire phone.  Wow, I was really amazed at what I was looking at on my computer!  This program not only copied everything from the cell phone, but categorized it for me as well.  Off to the left of the program gave me my options to look at.  It had her calendar of events, text messages, call log, pictures and etc.!  Amazing!  I went through it as quick as I could and then when I heard the shower stop, I saved the file for later use and placed her phone back to where she had it.

Spy Spot Android Recovery Stick Application List

After a few hours of her getting ready, my wife left for the store and I was home along to check out the information I had on her phone.  I pulled up the saved information and was still amazed that a “Civilian” spy tool could bring up this info!

Spy Spot Android Recovery Stick Calendar EntriesSo I first pulled up the calendar of events, which had everything.  As you can see just a few things she had to do.




Spy Spot Android Recovery Stick Call HistoryNext, I pulled up the call log.  Hmmmm, nothing usual about those calls.  All seemed legit!




Spy Spot Android Recovery Stick Deleted Contacts RecoveryNext, believe it or not, I went into the the contacts she had list.  Same thing!  All seemed legit too.  Man, I am glad!  This is awesome and making my mind at ease.



Can you believe all the information I have on my computer with this application?  Then I found the one application I was looking for, it the SMS text messages (the deleted and current messages)

Spy Spot Android Recovery Stick SMS Text Message     Spy Spot Android Recovery Stick Deleted SMS Recovery

Nice! Swoosh, nothing there either.  I am so happy that this is turning out to be nothing.  The only thing left in this program, was the websites she went on to and pictures.  So pulled them up and guess what?  Nothing!!!  Outstanding!

Spy Spot Android Recovery Stick Website History    Spy Spot Android Recovery Sticks Photos Recovery

Alright now, I think this question can be put to rest!  The wife was faithful!  Now I can go about my business and not have to worry anymore.  The following week, believe it or not I was using the same program in the duties of my work.  Great program Spy-Spot Investigations!

See, when it comes to off duty spying, I only go to one place and that is Spy-Spot Investigations.  Like Micheal Weston always says, you take away the resources (or can they) of a spy, but you can not take way what is in his head and that is using Spy-spot Investigations.

Check out what Spy-Spot Investigations has to say about this amazing spy tool:

Paraben’s Phone Recovery Stick is a revolutionary new product designed to recover data from Android OS based devices including deleted SMS Spy-Spot-Android-Recovery-Stick-USBand MMS text messages. Also, you can view and analyze other acquired data from Android OS based device, including; contacts, messages, call history, Internet browser history, graphics, and
multimedia files, calendar entries,
NOW Recovering Data from Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Wispher, TextFree, TextPlus, KIK, Pinger, Vkontakte, Chrome.

Android OS 5.0 Lollipop support has been added.

Now- head over to Spy-Spot Investigations and see the awesome tools you can have for your spy kit like I have done.  Until next time…….

                Click for Spy-Spot Investigations



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