Gun Safe – Clock?

grandfather_safe_clock_02Have you ever wonder what it would be like if you are setting in your living room and you hear a noise off in the back?  You are thinking, “do I have time to go to my safe and get my gun?”  Do you  have nightmares about this?  I know

I would, knowing that as a spy you have to be ready for whatever may come and having the one thing to set you up  first might save your life.  So why not have a safe in style?  Take a look at this Grandfather clock.  It is amazing isn’t it!  Listen to what they say about it:

A fully operational Grandfather Clock that cleverly conceals a gun safe. Features include an optional 8-day Hermle spring-driven Westminster chime and a 5-gun capacity safe. Also available with an additional  ammunition safe hidden behind a false panel at the base of the clock.

What are you waiting for, so to there website and pick one up!  Knowing you will feel secure is all that it takes.  Click here Gun safe clocks






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