The Navy Seal who shot Osama bin Laden

navy_sealToday they released the name of The Navy SEAL who shot Osama bin Laden!

The Navy hero who on Nov 11, 2014 will give a complete interview on Fox News has waive his anonymity and is named: Rob O’Neill, who is a highly-decorated veteran for over 16 years’ service.

Here is the question I know everyone is wanting to know, since he has come out into public’s view is there or will there be a target on his back for ISIS? Or any other terrorist out there?  Well Rob says, “to answer that question nice fully is that I will paint a big target on my front door and say come and get us.”

Rob O’Neill is a former member of SEAL Team Six who has been portrayed on screen in Zero Dark Thirty, Captain Phillips and Lone Survivor just to name a few movies.  But what is really fascination is he is one of the most distinguished Navy Seal members ever – but now faces being an outcast in the Special Warfare community.

O’Neill was personally congratulated for killing bin Laden – in his account at close range with three shots to his forehead – during the SEAL raid on Abbottobad, in Pakistan, on 2 May 2011 and now has made the decision to speak out because of him losing some of his military benefits by quitting the US Navy after 16 years instead of riding out for the full 20 years of service.


So, let us talk about the man himself! Rob O’Neill grew up in Butte, Montana, and was an avid hunter as all kids that grow up in the mountains.  He says the only reason why he joined the Navy is because he lost his girlfriend and wanted to get over her, he was only 19 years old.

The rest is history!  Rob has deployed on more than a dozen times, in four different warzones, including Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has over 400 separate combat missions.   In part two we will talk more about Rob’s history stand-by!


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