Drive like Jason Bourne (video)

Drive like Jason _Borne



As a master EVOC (Evasive Vehicle Operators Course) Instructor, I have seen my share of questions about how to do the cool turn! The turn you do when you are hauling and then slam on the brakes, throw the car in reverse and spin the heck out of the area! Lol… This is always the first thing people ask in class.  So Let us get this question out of the way and then I will write about the geometry of the car (handling) and some more things you can do if you ever need it to handle your vehicle. But ok here you go!

Some call it the, “Moonshiner’s Turn,” the reverse 180 degrees spin that the car does in order to bring the car around to face the other direction. But first, the moonshiners turn is another maneuver pioneered by the mountain people of the Southern United States. They would drive moonshine around in the back of their vehicles and when the Police would try to use a roadblock to stop them, of course they would use this technique to escape the area.

Looking like a bootlegger turn in reverse, the moonshiners turn allows you to change your direction 180 degrees within the confines of a two lane road, while going backwards.

As follows, is the proper procedure for this maneuver (see picture)

J - turn

  1. Accelerate the vehicle in reverse to about 20 – 30 mph
  2. Move your foot off the gas and crank the steering wheel all the way to the left as fast as you can.
  3. When the car is at about 90 degrees, shift the car into a lower gear, and step back on the gas at the same time straighten out the wheel.
  4. Then accelerate and get out of the fast!

When can you use this maneuver? Well use it when you think you need too! Practice and until the next time!!


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