Secret Bedpost


“crack, crack” was a sound I heard from out back.  It woke me up from a dead sleep to the point it made me wonder who might be in the back yard.  I could not get to my safe without some noise, so I reached in my bed

post to retrieve my backup gun.  I have weapons all over the house for just this case of a scenario. It was my Glock 27 40 cal.  I already had a round in the chamber and no safe to click.  It was on my trigger the way I like it!  I peeled the blinds back only to see the neighbors kid trying to climb back into his bedroom window.  False alarm!  Good I need the sleep for my long day tomorrow.  I put the gun back into the secret bed post and off to sleep I go.

Each week I will be posting a secret compartment to place items you would like around your home.  This one as you can see is in a good place if you have the right bed.



Started by tapping the corner bed post top with a hammer to get it to come loose.


Next you will want to cut away anything that might keep it from being smooth on the top to allow the cap piece to look normal.  Like here you can see the dowel rods were shaved down.

Picture of Modify the Post
As you can see here, there is a deep hole in the center of the wood. You need to build something to put inside of it to bring the bottom up to a level you want.  You need to built a leg, so measured the distance to the bottom of the post and subtracted the distance you wanted the shelf to be from the top. It is simply a piece of scrap 2×4 from anywhere with a piece of square plywood attached with one screw. You need to cut the plywood square about 1/8″ less than the opening to make an easy fit.Once assembled the leg just drops in.I chiseled out notches in the post and the cap so you can mount a small hinge and still have the cap sit flush.

Then make sure you hinge the top piece to the bed post and find a way to keep it close, but not to noticeable for people to know it is there.  As you can see in the picture their are magnates to hold the top piece down and in place. Now put your gun in the hole and now you know you are safe in that room!Bed_post


Remember it is only as safe as you can not tell anyone.  It is now your secret!  Until next time


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