Just came out of a important covert meeting in the safe house.  As usual we wait our turn as we leave in different directions and different exits.  Today I was carrying the papers to the drop off point.  It was my turn to leave now, I walked out normal and turned left to walk my route to see if anyone would be following me (see article “being followed” ) on the first natural turn around, I noticed

someone behind me (normal) and just as I checked behind me in the glass I pass two blocks later I noticed the same person.  This was the indication I needed to confirm someone was indeed following me.  I rounded a corner and headed for an ally walking a little faster and just as I got to the corner of the building I heard a gun shot and a piece of the building splinter next to my head.  I took off around the corner and stopped about ten feet away from that corner and turned around.  I opened a section of the briefcase as it rolled out onto the ground and stood behind it holding my pistol in the direction of the corner.

Just then that person who was following me came running around the corner with a pistol in hand saw me standing there and fired another shot at me.  The round hit the briefcase as I fired back hitting him and watched him drop to the ground.  I grabbed the end of the briefcase and left the scene quickly, lucky I had my bulletproof briefcase today.

One of the most important thing I love about this job is the new technology.  Technology is always finding new ways to improve anything and with that in mind allows me to expand my imagination.  With that in mind comes this OUTSTANDING briefcase:

This full body BULLET RESISTANT New ORIGINAL BULLET PROOF BRIEFCASE CASE LEVEL III can be found on Amazon.com for a great price!

  • This is a protective bullet proof briefcase Used by V.I.P government officers, businessman and ect… Opens to 180o
  • Light weight Quick release & opening mechanism Large protective area
  • Available in colors Black or Brown NIJ level IIIA (Or III+ with Famoston plates inside) Maximum Protection

So if you are in the Spy business then go check it out!  until next time keep your head low.




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