Do you support the Wireless Camera

wireless-pan-tilt-ip-cameraOMG!  For all you Spy’s out there! Do you know what happens when your not at home?  You need to check this REVIEW out.  You also need to share.

Sitting at dinner with a client going over important spy plans for the next mission he was going to give me.  We talk about the op in a busy restaurants because if someone is listen to us, it is hard to make out because of all the noise.  Great cover if you ever want to discuss plans.  Anyways   I just recently installed a  Wireless Pan and Tilt IP Camera (got it from TBO-TECH) in my house for safety and security reasons.  Wanting to check on the home while I am away! Or check in on the family!  Convenient to the point I can wipe out my IPHONE and with a press of an app, I can instantly view the area of where the camera is locate (free of charge) because it works through the wireless internet at your home!

One of the reasons why I love this style of wireless camera is the fact it has IR lights on it.  Which makes it easy to see in the dark!  That is right!  A Wireless Camera that you can view from your IPHONE (moving it up, down and all around with your IPHONE).


I know right!  This camera is awesome!  Back to where I was talking business.  My spyspot 2partner headed off to the bathroom and I reached down grabbing my IPHONE and and pressed the camera app to make sure the wife made it home safe.  I started moving the camera to check out the area and guess what?  The wife knew I was going to check in on her and to my surprise – She had a surprise waiting for me!  She was walking around the house in the hottest thing she could find! There was not much I could do but watch her!  Crazy!

Sorry, needless to say I was watching her under the table trying to get all the information from my meeting.  Thanks TBO-TECH for all your doing to me!  lol….  Let’s  here what they have to say about the Wireless Camera:

The Pan Tilt camera wirelessly connects with your home or business network to allow you to view live video from anywhere you can get on the internet. Use your smart phone to control the IP camera from anywhere. Pan left or right, tilt up or down to get a complete view.

View High Definition Video from Anywhere in the World

Smart Phone Controllable Ip CameraThis is the ultimate low cost security system for your home or business! Not only can you secure your property, but you can monitor and record your children, the elderly, and pets in stunning HD video qualityWITHOUT any recurring fees. The Streetwise IP Wireless Camera features video and audio, pan/tilt, remote internet viewing, two–way communication, motion detection, night-vision as well as a built in video recording system.

Control What the Camera Sees with your Smart Phone!

You can connect the camera to the internet via a wireless Wi-Fi connection or with an Ethernet cable. Once the camera is connected to the internet, you can view it on your tablet or smart phone by simply downloading the free app and telling it to connect with your specific security camera.

Built In Motion Detection Feature Calls your Phone when it “senses” Movement.

One of the best features of this security camera is the motion activated alarm and alert system. When set to this mode and an intruder enters your home or office, the camera senses motion and an alarm will sound. Your mobile device will notify you that you have an incoming call. You can “answer” the call and see a live video feed and you can communicate with the person who triggered the alert so you can decide whether to call the police.

Broadcast Your Voice through the Camera!

The camera can also be used to see and talk to loved ones. Now a father traveling anywhere in the world can see and talk with his family or parents can know when their children return home from school and they can monitor them to insure their safety. Even when you’re not able to monitor the camera on your smart phone, this wireless pant & tilt surveillance camera can be set to record (supports up to 64GB micro SD card) whenever it detects motion. It will record high quality HD video in any lighting conditions, even in complete darkness the latest night vision technology provides you with crystal clear video images.


The camera can be set on a table or you can use the included mounting bracket to easily install it on the wall or ceiling. The cameras unique pan and tilt feature allows it to view all angles of the room. This feature is operated by remote control from your smart phone or tablet by simply sliding your finger up and down or across your phone. When you do so the camera responds by tilting up or down 120 degrees and panning across the room 355 degrees. In the past, it would take a set of 3 or 4 cameras to cover all these angles. With this features there will be no place for the bad guy to hide and you can follow the movement of your loved ones or pets!


  • Simple Plug-and-Play Operation
  • 720p HD Image Resolution
  • Motion Activated Recording & Alerts
  • Night Vision
  • Built-In Microphone & Speaker
  • 2-Way Communication
  • Supports up to 64GB microSD
  • One Touch Camera Angle Control
  • 355º Pan & 120º Tilt
  • AC Power for Continuous Use
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Streetwise Wireless IP Camera
  • Mounting Bracket Kit
  • AC Power Cord
  • User Manual

You Will Need:

  • Ethernet Cable for the initial set up (can then be removed for wireless operation)

  • Micro SD Card for video storage (if desired)

I do not know what else to say!  This is a camera you need, want and got to have!  Swing over to TBO-TECH and get one for yourself.  Until next time!

Click for TBO-TECH



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