I can find you! GPS picture tag

GPS_ TagIn today’s society as a spy, one of the most important tools you can have is technology.  We have the ability of all kinds of technology at our finger tips, and the resources are unbelievable.  So, let us jump in and talk about GPS Tagging.  More and more cameras have GPS built right into them so the moment you take a photo, your camera records the GPS coordinates of where you took the picture. (I know right!) I know that some of you are wondering where we can find these magical GPS coordinates.

So let’s ask the question:

Does your camera have a GPS feature?

Before you go searching for GPS tagged photos, you might want to know if your camera even takes them. Most of the modern point-and-shoot cameras do not feature a GPS system.  But know this, back in the early 2000s most of the cameras did because it was a new and cool feature.  Now that smartphones are nearly everywhere, less and fewer people want a camera, because all smartphones have cameras and they all geotag the photos they take.

Where is the GPS information stored?

Did you know that your camera stores a bunch of data about every picture you take? Some of the things that it records are the aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, camera mode, focal distance, and sometimes even more than that. All of this information is stored in the EXIF data (Exchangeable image file format), an extra piece of information attached to every picture created. EXIF data has been around since the early days of digital photography.

Yes, you can access your GPS information! There are a number of ways you can access this information if you own a Mac.  You can access your GPS information by simply right clicking on the photo file you want to view then click, “get info.”  The EXIF data will be shown, and this is the information that you will need to locate the picture. Now if you own a PC, it can be a little tricky, but it’s pretty much the same way you would do for a MAC. You would first right-click on your image, then go to “properties” and a small window will pop up showing all the EXIF data, including the location of the picture you just took.

So how is this useful information for me? After someone takes a picture (your target) whether if it is from an iPhone or android (smartphone) and let’s say they post it on any social networking site (you know the sites) all you have to do is pull the EXIF data from that picture (because you saved the picture to your computer) and then Google map the GPS location and presto you have the area, location or building of where this person is.  Scary to think about it huh! Because if you know about this information then you know other people have it as well.  All you need to do to fix this is go into your smartphones and go into the settings area and turn off your GPS locations under the pictures and no more geotags! Solves everything.

Here is another good way to find a picture location:



Here is another good link to pull the EXIF data:


I hope you guys enjoyed this, keep an eye out for more cool stuff in the spy series. 





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