Body-Worn Cameras

body_worn_camerasAs I was looking at Danny waiting for an answer starring into his eyes to see what he was thinking.  It was like playing poker, you really never know what they are thinking unless you have been doing it as long as I have.  Spy’s need to understand body language and right now I need to be watching.

Danny looks up at me and says, “it’s a deal, make sure you get the missiles on the train.” I looked back at him and said, “ok, I will make a few calls and it will happen in a few hours.”  We shuck each others hands and went our separate way.   As I walked out of the building and into my car thinking the whole time to myself that this camera I am wearing had captured everything on video.  I drove away looking to finish this deal as send in the Calvary.

One of the trickiest things you can do as a spy, Police Officer or undercover (who ever) is to make sure you do not get caught wearing a body camera.  I have found one of the most reliable one on the market.  It is from Bulk Outlet, Bulk Outlet has tons of surveillance gear for a rally great price.  The body camera I found includes:

Motion Activated High Resolution Video & Audio

  • Everything is Included for Button Camera Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement Grade Kit
  • Includes Lawmate DVR
  • Battery Life of 200 Minutes
  • Up to 32 GB SD Card (4GB Card Included)
  • Built by Lawmate
  • Includes One Year Warranty

Easy to assemble to make it “COVERT.”  I will do an article on how-to at a later time, but for now go over to Bulk Outlet and check out all the cool spy gear you can find!  Until next time super spy’s




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