Gadgets and Gear – Black Friday sales

spy-gear-1I can not believe this price cut!  80 dollars to just 9 dollars!!

2 Day Sale – 87% Off!

Stealth Futuristic Watch is a digital watch that will take the wearer out of this world! you need to

head over to Gadgets and Gear today to see the rest of the sales for Black Friday.  Tell them you saw it hear!

Quote from Gadgets and Gear:

The band is made of tough silicon, while the face of this digital futuristic watch is backlit with a bright blue backlight, giving the Stealth Futuristic Watch more of an appearance of a spaceship control panel. This must-have gift is perfect for sci-fi geeks or anyone looking for the most unusual wristwatch of all time!

  • Water Resistant Watch

  • Silicone Band

  • Tells Time And Day Of The Week

  • Includes Stopwatch Function



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